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    Beer Shampoo

    The formulation with beer yeast, hops, wheat protein and menthol moisturizes and cleans hair and beard, aiding in the growth of the strands. The product also has antioxidant action and provides a refreshing sensation on the scalp with a pleasant citrus scent.

  • Lunix Cosméticos

    Gel Wax

    The unique formulation allows you to model the hair with high fixing power, without alcohol

  • Lunix Cosméticos

    Black Modeling Ointment

    It has the same formulation of the Premium Ointment, but it has as a differential, the black pigment, indicated for use in gray hair.

All production is based on strict quality standards, with registrations in national and international departments, according to the legislation of each country, and no product is tested on animals.

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Quem Somos

A Lunix Cosméticos chegou ao mercado com produtos de formulação inovadora, máxima qualidade, segurança e eficácia.